Battle of Midway Islands

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    Battle of Midway Islands

    • Description: The Battle of Midway (Japanese: ミッドウェー海戦) is widely regarded as the most important
      naval battle of the Pacific Campaign of World War II. Between 4 and 7 June 1942,
      approximately one month after the Battle of the Coral Sea and six months after Japan's attack on
      Pearl Harbor, the United States Navy decisively defeated an Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) attack
      against Midway Atoll, inflicting irreparable damage on the Japanese.

      The Japanese operation, like the earlier attack on Pearl Harbor, aimed to eliminate the United
      States as a strategic power in the Pacific, thereby giving Japan a free hand in establishing its
      Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. It was hoped another demoralizing defeat would force
      the U.S. to negotiate an end to the Pacific War on conditions favorable to Japan.

      The Japanese plan was to lure the United States' few remaining aircraft carriers into a trap. The
      Japanese also intended to occupy Midway Atoll as part of an overall plan to extend their defensive
      perimeter in response to the Doolittle Raid. This operation was considered preparatory for further
      attacks against Fiji and Samoa.

      The plan was handicapped by faulty Japanese assumptions of American reaction and poor initial
      dispositions. Most significantly, American codebreakers were able to determine the date and
      location of the attack, enabling the forewarned U.S. Navy to set up an ambush of its own. Four
      Japanese aircraft carriers and a heavy cruiser were sunk in exchange for one American aircraft
      carrier and a destroyer. The heavy losses in carriers and aircrews permanently weakened the
      Imperial Japanese Navy. Japan's shipbuilding and pilot training programs were unable to keep
      pace in replacing their losses, while the U.S. steadily increased output in both areas.
    • Instructions: W、A、S、D ------ Directions

      J ----------------------- Shoot

      Hold "J" when power up

      K ----------------------- Bomb

      Add live when reach score 100000


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